“Always More”

Picture1I like the story in 1 Kings of the woman who had enough faith to feed Elijah her last handful of flour and last drops of oil,even though she and her son faced starvation. Because she obeyed God,she had as much as she needed.

Her flour and oil never ran out. I have never know what it is to have as little as this woman,but I wonder if I’d be as willing to give as she was. It’s sometimes hard to give,even out of my plenty,This story teaches a powerful lesson.

God rewards those who listen to Him,even if His commands don’t always seem sensible. For no matter how much they used,there was always plenty left in the CONTAINERS ,just as the LORD had promised through Elijah!(1Kings 17:16LB)

LORD,thank You for all that You’ve given to me.Grant that I will always be willing to give even if it means less for me.



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