The Eagle


The Eagle is symbolic of the prophet and thus the sudden great interest in the Eagle in the Church.The prophet is a`seer`seeing what others cannot see.

He is a man of vision-the eyes of the Church.The Church without the prophet is blind.

But now ask the beasts,and they will teach you;and the birds of the air,and they will tell you….(Job 12:7)

God says,to learn from the beasts and the birds.And one of God`s marvellous creatures we can learn from is the majestic eagle.The magnificent appearance and awesome skills of the eagle are often usedby God to symbolize important truths to His people.When the bible refers to an eagle,it is mainly referring to two particular types of eagles found in the Middle East.The first kind is the Imperial Eagle,named because of its kingly lifestyle.The other is called the Golden Egles because of its divine nature.And this fine bird is golden in colour.

These eagles can grow so large to have a wingspan of fourteen to fifteen feet and an average weight of thirty pounds.Because of its immense size,the eagle has been widely used as a symbol of POWER,FREEDOM and GREATNESS.It also represents beauty,grace and confidence.The eagle is the King of birds.Here,it is seen to master its surroundings where it soars gracefully and flies above lofty mountains through scorching sun and turbulent storms.

The eagle speaks of someone who is  the master of his environment and who is in control of his situation.He is someone who has the ability and power to rule and live above his circumstances even in the midst of storms and trials.

We may encounter storms or mountains but yet in all that challenge,we know we are rulers simply because God put within our spirits the capability to reign as kings when we received the Lord Jesus Christ.The eagle therefore represents the Godward trust that is in us.It speaks about that God given power and God given freedom that we as Christians have in us.

 As we study the eagle`s lifestyle,we will also look at the characteristics of other birds and see how we can learn from their strengths and weaknesses.You will see a lot of similarities between your spiritual life and the life of an eagle.And you will begin to understand why our lives should be patterned after the eagle`s noble character.

The Molting of

Micah 1:16-Make yourself ald and cut off your hair,because of your precious children;ENLARGE your baldness like AN EAGLE,for they shall go from you into captivity.

Forbidden As Food

Lev 11:13-`And these you shall regard as an abomination among the birds;they shall not be eaten,they are an abomination:the eagle,the vulture,the buzzard,

Deut 14:12-`But these you shall not eat:the eagle,the vulture,the buzzard,

 The Swift Flight Of..

Deut 28:49-`The LORD will bring a nation against you from afar,from the end of the earth,as swift as the eagle flies,a nation whose language you will not understand,

Job 9:29-They pass by like swift ships,like an eagle swooping in its prey.


Rev.Dr Henry Ramaya

Assemblies of God Malaysia.


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