God works through ordinary .

You shall drink THE MILK of the Gentiles,And MILK THE BREAST of kings.Isaiah 60:16

Sometimes when I’m working at home I wish I could be doing more than the regular chores of  a household.Then I’m reminded of the story of Rebekah,found in Genesis,which helps me to be satisfied with whatever I’m doing.As she  was performing her usual chore of drawing water from the well,she was asked for a drink.Her willingness and kindness changed the rest of her life.What I’m doing isn’t always as important as what kind of an attitude I have.God works through ordinary things too.

Then she said, “I’ll draw water for your camels,

too,until they have enough! “(Gen.24:19LB).

Thank You,God,that I can be assured of Your guidance in all the activities of my life.Amen. 


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