I Give Freely and Receive Freely

24 December 2009

God is the Source and Substance of my supply. I know God in Its Infinite Wisdom provides various and, sundry vehicles through which this Higher Power demonstrates Itself. I and all others are individualised expressions of this One Source.Today, I am open and receptive to God’s Living Spirit by whatever means it demonstrates, and I am clearly a channel for good to express through me. I release any tendency to withhold, and I give freely of my affection, honesty, financial support, time, and talent. I know that the flow of good is reciprocal and I can never out give God.

As I give wanting nothing, I receive freely. I am open to receive so that I am filled to overflowing and the necessity for giving becomes more and more apparent. I withhold nothing. I release everything, and my prosperity abounds richly. I have learned in the Programme that to give without any expectation for return, is unconditional love.Giving is service and service is giving. I am grateful for the awareness of the good I have and the good I give. I joyfully receive and give thanks, releasing my word of prayer to the Law of Attraction where God does Its wonderful work.



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