My Prayer For You!

LORD JESUS,I pray for your people.I pray with all my heart for everyone who reads this book. I pray that you will transmit into their hearts the burden that you have O Lord.Show them the reason why you created the Church-the reason why we exist.

And the reason why you brought us together as a Church.Show us O Lord the reason why we gather each time. Help us to know that it is not to show off our new dresses,our new suits and our new shoes.Show us I pray,O Lord!Reveal it to each person who reads this book.I cannot explain it to them,Lord.I have done my best.I have spoken and I have written,but it is you,Holy Spirit,who can reveal it to the people. Lord,reveal yourself.Select the evangelists you are looking for.Find the people you are searching for to help you accomplish this great work!I see a vast harvest before us.I pray O God that the burden will come upon your people.I pray for the financiers,that you will anoint them and give them the hearts of soul winners. I pray for the supporters and the helpers who help us in the ministry.

They are people who assist us to do your Great Commission.O God,I am praying for them today. Holy Spirit,open the eyes of your people and let us see the harvest that is ripe and waiting for us.Help us to notice the lost,walking aimlessly around us.Let us see how people are wandering about a sheep without a shepherd. Jesus,I pray that you will walk in the midst of your people and touch our eyes and hearts again.Let us know why we are alive!Reveal to us what are supposed to be doing.O Lord Jesus,I pray with all my heart. I cannot show them,but you can.Holy Spirit,you can show your people what you want.

Lord I cannot transmit it to them but you can.Father,in the name of Jesus,let your work be done and let your kingdom come.Let your work be more important to us than any thing else.Let souls begin to be harvested.Let the the finances come in to support this great effort.Give us a heart,Heavenly Father,for souls.Help us to win the lost at any cost. Give the pastors a heart for soul winning.As we shepherd your sheep,let us never forget why we are shepherds.Help us to be more like you who came to seek and save that which was lost.I pray in the name of Jesus.Thank you LORD.AMEN!

One day Jesus said something prophetic.

He said,”I must work while it is day for the night will come when no one can work.” I must work the works of him that sent me,while it is day:THE NIGHT COMETH,WHEN NO MAN CAN WORK. JOHN 9:4

Jesus spoke of a season when no one would be able to do God’s work. He said a time would come when no one would be able to evangelise anymore. Look at countries like Liberia and Zaire,which enjoyed many years of relative peace.Perhaps we did not know that it was daytime to those places.As I am writing this book,there is war in the former Zaire.I cannot go there and I would not like to send anybody there.The night has come when no one can work in Zaire.

Gaining By Kingdom Promotion

Harvesting the lost is the first and foremost task of the whole Church.I am talking to prophets.I am talking to teachers.I am talking to singers.I am ministering to administrators.The gospel is the first thing.We must win the lost at any cost.And the gospel must FIRST be published among all nations. Mark 13:10

My message is simple:stay with ripened harvest. Go where the DOORS ARE OPEN.That is why I love preaching to young people.Every year I hold special program in each of the universities in Ghana.I enjoy preaching in secondary shools.I see such a positive response from the young people.The young people are my ripened harvest.

(GREAT BOOK-Win The Lost at Any Cost-BY:Dag Heward-Mills )


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