I remember a spring when everything seemed to be off to a good start.The fruit trees were full of blossoms and the gardens were green with early crops.The came a killing frost,putting an end to their productivity for another year.I had a similar experience once.I was working hard at several tasks at once,trying frantically to get everything done.

Then I become sick and was forced to stay in bed.I soon found out I wasn’t essential for the work after all.Life kept going without me and things were done even when I didn’t help.I was shown that it doesn’t pay to work so hard that I’m soon word out.Then I’m of no use at all.

O Lord,you have freed me from my bonds and I will serve you forever(Ps.116:16LB).

Thank You,Lord,for showing me when I need to slow down.I give You control of my life to keep working in me.Amen.


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