Evangelist Afzal Masih

Many many greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus.dear sister when you will invite me i will try to come to your country
I was born in a Christian family.I was born in a village where there was major population of muslims.I studied from a muslims school in Punjab Pakistan.Since my childhood I knew Jesus.It was that’s why because my parents and my maternal grandfather advised us to go church daily.
It was dangerous that even though I knew Jesus but I hadnot strong relation with Him.My family belonged to Church of Pakistan mean protestant.My life was just obligatorty as muslims have.We went to church and offered our prayers as an obligation.In my life there was not spiritual joyness,just a formality.When I passed my matriculation examination in the age of 16 in 1996,I came to Karachi.
Here in Karachi my elder brother Pastor Pervaiz M Asif invited me to come to Karachi and continue my education.
During my study,I went to church everyday but had not close relation with God and His son Jesus.I attended church and was a member of church choir.One day Pastor was delivering a sermon about forgiveness of sins.Pastor gave and explained many precious points about Jesus as a Savior and Eternal life.
I was so much ashamed that time about my life that what I am and what did Jesus do for us?These questions made to understand better about Jesus.now I have been serving the Lord Jesus in Pakistan.I studied from OTS Pakistan of Bible studies.im Diploma Holder in Bible studies.We have two churches in Pakistan but only one church building.I have been intending to preach among muslims.Here there are many muslims converted to christianity.

In Lord jesus
Evangelist Afzal Masih

Our church website is..www.sgcpk.org
Email address……..afzalbhatti777@yahoo


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