We Received your Letter From Heaven Above

We received your letter from heaven above,and we were sure
it was written with all of your love.
You asked us not to be unhappy because you’re out of sight,well,
you left so many beautiful memories we guess it’s all right.

The day you had to leave us is a day we will never forget.
We all gathered around your bedside knowing who you met.
He picked you up and hugged you and said “I welcome You.”
We realized it was over, there was nothing we could do.

He told you he missed you while you were gone,
but that your family would be here later on.
There was much to do, you were part of his plan
and until we all get there we won’t understand.
He gave you a list of things to do,
one of them was to watch over the ones who loved you.
For when our day is over, and all our chores are done,
we feel your presence as you said and we think it’s kinda fun
When we do think of you, and all those loving years,

we just can’t help it, it just brings us to tears.
Crying does relieve some pain,
but it keeps coming back again and again.
We probably wouldn’t understand what plan God has for us,
but we can see that you’re happy, so his plan we all shall trust.
Although your life is over one thing is for sure,
we do feel you are closer to us then ever before.

You mentioned in your letter of some tough times ahead,
and we know you will be watching with many tears to shed.
May we follow your advice,” give to the world, and the world gives to you.”
We always trusted your philosophy, so this we know is true.
You told us to find someone in pain and sorrow,
and let them know there’s a better tomorrow.
You should be content, your life was worthwhile!
We have many many pictures that make us all smile!

When we see someone feeling sad and low,
we will pick them up and tell them “we love you so.”
How did you know that when we have you on our mind
we walk a little slower cause we know you’re right behind.
And when our time is over, we know we must die too.
We’ll know just where we’re going, WE’RE COMING HOME TO YOU!!!


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