Pastor John Philip Manuel

President at Elshaddai Life care Mission About Pastor My name is John Philip Manuel. I was born in a Christian home with my dad serving the Lord as a pastor in the city of Bangalore for the past 40 years. I am the eldest son in the family. BIRTH When I was born, I was born dead! The doctors asked the nurse to take me to the other room as my mom was crying. My mom cried out to the Lord and said “Lord this is your child, you gave him to me. Please be gracious to my baby” The doctors were listening to my mom’s.Fifteen long minutes passed after I was born dead. As my mom finished crying out to the Lord, in the sixteenth minuet from the other room she heard me cry! The nurse rushed me to my mom. The doctor said “It is a miracle”, because I was born dead and was alive after sixteen long minuets. As I grew up, I realized that I stammered while speaking, it was an intense stammer. I hardly had friends at school as I was mocked and teased by my classmates for the way I stammered while speaking. During the senior years in school I felt so lonely and many nights I cried myself to sleep. I felt isolated and deprived and at times I’d feel so inadequate and unworthy when I see my friends and even relatives conversing with me only to amuse themselves with my stammering words. I used to feel deserted and miserable as nobody understood how I really felt deep within. Nobody had a kind word to tell me. I was a laughing stock among all my acquaintances. YOUTH During my eleventh grade I saw a girl in my school bus. I was attracted to her and wanted to express my feelings to her. But I was felling so threatened by my stammer was afraid to be rejected by the girl. I so much admired. For two years I struggled watching her living life unaware of my feelings for her. There were days when I hated myself for not being able to speak to her. On the last day of my twelfth grade, on the day of our last exam, I wore my best clothes and determined in my heart that no matter what I’m going to tell her the feelings locked up in my heart for those two long years. When I reached school I discovered she had n’t come to school that day and after enquiring with her friends I got her address and decided to go to her house and meet her. I got a card and a bouquet of flowers for her. I reached her street, in front of her house I saw a tent and many people sitting under it. I heard sound of murmuring and as I reached her house I saw a coffin and I went ahead to look into it and I see the girl of my dreams lying in there. I was horrified at the sight; she had been hit by a truck while coming to school and blood oozed out of her ears as she passed away. I was shaken and got very panicky, it was two long years that I had waited in fear to express my feeling and now when I boosted up my strength, the one I really wanted to hear my words, is not even there to listen. In school my friends rejected me, now I found love and even love didn’t notice me! I was so depressed and frustrated with my life that I wanted to die. I tried many times to commit suicide but failed. One day, when I could n’t take it anymore I decided to end my life by jumping into a well. I dint know to swim so this way I was sure to die. I went and jumped into this deep, dark well near my place. When I opened my eyes I was totally drenched and had water dripping from my hair and clothes. But I was standing in the same place from where I jumped. I was terrified! Friends rejected me, love rejected me and now even death rejected me. I was so bewildered and suddenly I felt the gentle comfort around me which I had always felt every time I felt sad, hurt, and lonely and rejected. There was a tug in my heart and a voice asked me to go to the church. I went there and water was still dripping from my hair and clothes. Tears flowed down my eyes as my life flashed in front of my eyes. I saw the days when my friends laughed at me; I saw the days I was not loved and my unsuccessful attempts in dying. As I was telling all this to God and crying out loud I suddenly realized my stammer was gone! I spoke normally! I was overwhelmed and did not know how to react, I was just in the presence of God with tears flowing down my eyes, God showed me a vision I saw a brilliant light and I saw God dressed in white, blue and maroon robe. He looked so magnificent like a king. I held on to the robe and followed Him asking where I would go if I die. The voice gently said “follow me” it was a magnificent place. CALLING After this vision I realized that unconfused sin would take me to hell. I confessed all my sins to Lord Jesus Christ and repented. I believed and accepted Lord Jesus Christ as my personal savior, acknowledging that He took away all my sins, washing me by His precious blood and accepting me has His son. My life was filled with peace and love of God. It was a beautiful feeling to know that I was accepted and loved just as I was. I obeyed to the Lord’s command and took the immersion baptism and from then on I dedicated my life to live for the Lord and to obey His calling over my life for His ministry. I went to Bible College to train and equip myself on the Word of God. At present I’m assisting my father in the ministry. I would consider it a privilege and blessing to assist you in helping your congregation in leading them into holiness, for God’s eternal kingdom. The Lord anointed me and gave me the spirit of boldness to preach the gospel and is using me for His glory Hi friends, I am not able to handle facebook , Sorry if I do not get to personally or reply to ur messages all the time. pastor John God is Love


2 Responses to “Pastor John Philip Manuel”

  1. senorita Says:

    hi,i visited ur web we r so happy about you.wish u all the best for ur future.from senorita friend

  2. Please be faithful to God, it is easy to fool people around you but God is watching, remember Pastor John!

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