Have you recieved the Holy Spirit?

Dag Heward-Mills~Do you want to stop living the life of fleshly fulfilment? You need the Holy Spirit to help you become pure. Pray for the Holy Spirit! Ask for the Holy Spirit! He will help you! You cannot make it on your own. You will never be successful at being holy, no matter how long you have been a Christian. If the Holy Spirit leaves you for one day you will become a normal man to your own surprise. Don’t trust in yourself or you will disgrace yourself!

Sediakan waktu untuk hati yang kudus, itulah sumber penglihatan.Sediakan waktu untuk hati yang tulus, itulah sumber kejernihan.~ Sigit Restuhadi:

Acts 19:1-2 “And it happened, while Apollos was at Corinth, that Paul, having passed through the upper regions, came to Ephesus. And finding some disciples he said to them, “Did you receive the Holy Spirit when you believed?”

Church was awesome last night! There was a point where we were just shouting and praising God in tongues. I haven’t been praying in tongues for a long time because I was uncertain about my position with God and the spiritual realm.

The first time I got the gift of praying in tongues, which is actually an indication that now the Holy Spirit dwells in you was not long ago after I accepted Jesus Christ in my life, 08 May 2005! Like all the other weekends I was on my way to the movies with my buddiez but on the way I decided to turn back. Although I wanted to go to the movies so much , the Holy Spirit wanted me to turn back to my room. I was really obedient by then and so I turned back. When I got to my room, I read my bible and decided to go pray. Now the toilet was a prayer room for me, for all of us actually because we were all prayerful in our dormitory. So i went to the loo and started calling out to God. When we call out to God in Jesus name, the earth trembles, everything stands still, the angels listen to the command of God and Jesus gives you his undivided attention. I prayed like I normally prayed not expecting anything to happen. All of a sudden there I am shaking under the power of God, sweating and eventually uttered my prayer in a different tongue. I was amazed, bewildered and excited. All I wanted to do was pray all the time!

After I strayed away from God, years after that, with so much that happened in between, I just didn’t feel right to pray in tongues because like I mentioned earlier, I was uncertain.So last night at church while we were praising God with shouts, and claps of hands and songs, the pastor said sing a new song to God. I just found myself praying in a new tongue! Praise God. The kind of feeling I experienced was the same feeling I had the first time I received the Holy Spirit. When we get born again we must receive the gift of praying in tongues as an anointing of the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives. I love God because when He wants to do something new in your life, it doesn’t take Him a century, it happens in an instant. He doesn’t need any reference from anybody to promote you, He doesn’t think about all the times you had failed nor does He even remember them. He is just ready to transform your life and make it better! I might be blaming myself for all the tings that have happened and still living in regrets but God is moving in an amazing speed, and nothing can stop Him when He wants to transform your life. We have to move in the plan of God and avail ourselves to the new dimensions that He is taking us to. It is not about what you have done or where you have been but it is about Jesus. Its about who Jesus is and He cant deny who He is. He is faithful even though we are not faithful to Him.

And so like Paul, today I ask you, did you receive the Holy Spirit when you believed? Stop looking backwards and thinking of the things you could have done or the times you went wrong. Stop blaming yourself for everything and don’t live in regrets, Jesus makes all things new. He was there in the past, He is here in the present and He will definitely be there in the future! Don’t wait for another day to receive the Holy Spirit, because God is ready to work in your life right now! by Tissy


One Response to “Have you recieved the Holy Spirit?”

  1. praying in tongues is the weapon the church needs and every christian should pray in tongues for their loved ones and their communities

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