Destiny Builder International


Life is a battle.Accomplishment is a struggle.

Only those who get to the

TOP can give the Report!

To believe you cant is to reduce your counts from your life`s account.

To believe you can is to increase your counts in your DESTINY account!


God has not finished with you.

Stop weeping and start laughing.

Your case is not worst in the world.

You are better than millions of people around you!

You can turn your frustration to celebration!

You are an EMPIRE that cannot EXPIRE.

You are not INFERIOR but SUPERIOR.

You are not UGLY but beautiful.

You have what it takes to be on the STAGE.

You are a CONTINENTAL glory waiting for Decoration before Coronation.

Therefore,wake up and fight for the CUP.

You are winning the match.

Don`t give up,don`t foul up and don`t break the cord until you win the CUP.

Anytime God begins with you is your beginning,irrespective of your age.Your age cannot affect your grade neither can it affect your life`s accomplishment.It is your body that is old,your brain is still young.Do not mind your level at present,you can still rise.

Great men and women,dead or living,tenaciously pursue their dreams even in old age.At eighty-five,Caleb was still strong and mentally sound.His strength never reduced.He demanded for hisinheritance,fought for it and possessed it.(Jos.14:10-14)

That you are sent out of school is not enough reason for you to fold your arms and watch your destiny wasting away.

BILL GATES was sent out of school for having a porous brain, but today,he is the richest man in the world.The same porous brain now turned to a productive brain generating prosperity without problem.

Richard Branson is the Emperor of virgin Empire.He was also a school drop-out.He failed in secondary School and started his journey as a newspaper vendor and developed his empire.Today,he is the 11th Wealthiest  Briton alive.Now,he owns the virgin Airlines.He also developed virgin Coke,which is a major challenge to Coca Cola because what his chain of airlines consume alone,is enough to give them an edge over Coca Cola.He has virgin Music Industry where they wax all manner of records and discs.His holiday rest home in the mountain is more than what they call white house.According to statistics,Richard Branson is worth more than eighty seven billion pounds.About twenty of his managers are millionaires-they arrive at their meetings with their personal planes.He was a school drop-out but he was not a brain drop-out.

That you are not a graduate is not enough reason for you to be a nonentity. Benjamin Franklin has only two years of formal education-primary one and two.Owing to lack of funds,he could not continue with his education.He was forced to learn how to read and write all by himself.He would rather spend his money on books than on food.He became an apprentice in a printing establishment owned by a relation of his where he developed a reading habit and grew to be one of thegreatest American philosophers.He established a University and hospital and he was also one of the renowned scientific inventors of his days.

Anthony Robins is a young man who is currently making waves in the American business world.He only has a High School Certificate.He is now a Management Consultant to the U.S Army,IBM and XEROX.From form one,he was attending personal development seminars.He developed himself to the extent that he was being referred to as `Solution man`among his classmates in form four.

Any depressed member of his class always went to him for advice.Anthony,who is about forty years of age now,confessed that he had read Seven hundred books on Psychology and Human Physiology.Anthony Robins has now become a worldwide `Solution Man`addressing thousands of people.He once had a convention where he addressed Twenty five thousand people in a stadium.

Matthew Ashimolowo is a Europe based Nigerian born Preacher.He can only boast of primary six Formal Education.But today he is expanding,exloding and succeeding beyond human reasoning in Ministry.Primary Six Certificate Holder but with a perfect and productive sense!

Success is not a product of your size nor your height,it is a practical product of your insight into the discovery of your potential.Shortness does not shorten life`s accomplishments but shuts up minds.

John and Greg Rice of West Palm Beach,Florida,are both 2 feet,10 inches tall,making them the world`s smallest living twins.Their size has not prevented them from becoming highly successful businessmen.Having made their fortunes as real estate speculators in the 70`s they now own and run a multimillion-dollar motivational speaking company called Think Big,which organizes seminars on creative problem solving.

Therefore,that you are height deficient does not make you lose your life`s dividend.zachaeus was so short that he needed to climb a tree to see the Saviour.He did not allow his physical appearance or any obstacle to hinder him from receiving his miracle!

It is never too late for you to be pregnant before the end of this year irrespective of your age.Maybe you are thinking that you have reached the age of menopause.Hear this profound truth.Monopouse does not mean `menostop`.That you paused does not mean you stopped.I do not care about the medical report of your case. By heavenly standard,`Godical`conclusion supercedes medical conclusion.The doctor may say there is no hope for you,But I say there is more hope for you.People may say there is no way out for you, but I say there is a way out of that problem and Jesus is the way.The Bible says:

`Through faith also Sarah herself received strength to conceive seed,and was delivered of a child when she was past age,because she judged him faithful who had promised`Heb.11:11(KJv)

If Sarah could have her first baby at the age of ninety,then you are too young to lose hope.From this moment receive strength to conceive in Jesus name!The Bible says in Ps.30:5`…weeping may endure for a night but joy cometh in the morning`.

Mr.George Dawson of Dallas,Texas,U.S.left his pride and learnt to read and write at the age of 98 years old.He is now 104 years old mentally sound with eyes like that of an Eagle,still very strong like a horse and his thirty-two teeth are all intact.At present,he is still going to school to learn more and to know more.

Ignorance has no respect nor regard for age.His favourite book is the Bible.Regardless of your age,you can always do something to improve your present and future.

It is never too late for you to sing,smile,succeed,rise,fly,get married,buy your land,build your house and buy a new car of your choice. Never too late for you to be celerated,decorated,enthroned,favoured,promoted, begin  a new business and to be healed of that sickness.It is never too late to pursue your career.There is no age limit to learning,except the limit you place on yourself.

Rev.Charles Gbenga A.Popson

Senior Pastor

Jehovah Jireh International Church Malaysia

The President of Destiny Builder International.


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