Can a Christian believe in luck?


Can a Christian believe in luck?

psalm86_113 (1)I’ve heard all kinds of answers to this question. Some believe God allows events we label “random chance.” Others believe God directs and/or uses events that only seem random from our human standpoint. Let me give you an explanation of luck anyone can believe in.

This definition comes from the “great theologian” Oprah Winfrey, who defines luck as the following equation:
Preparation + Opportunity = Luck.

Christians have something SO much better than luck.

I can vouch for this definition. Many of those who seem to be lucky work pretty hard at being ready for “luck” to happen. A study was done that revealed those who won various sweepstakes not only won more than most folks, they lost more as well. Why? They entered sweepstakes more often! You work hard and prepare for what you choose to do with your life, then seek the opportunity to implement your preparation.

Christians are like other folks in the world in this regard. We can prepare and seek opportunity. To others, this will look just like luck, but Christians have something SO much better than luck. When Jesus gave the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5, he used a word we translate as “blessed.” As Christians, we have untold blessings and we live as blessed people.

Blessings require a “blesser.” Our blesser is God, our Heavenly Father. Blessings require a “blessee.” God’s “blessees” are you and me. Blessings are given by the hand of a Supreme Being who knows what is best for us. Blessings, by definition, are for our good in the long run. Blessings are not always obvious as blessings until we adopt God’s point of view. Blessings often come with struggles, instead of short run ease. Blessings are often hidden within difficulties. Blessings can be enjoyed not only when they are received, but when they are passed on to others.

So what’s your definition of luck? Random Chance? Oprah’s definition? Why not choose the better way — the way of blessing?

Trust your heart and soul to God. Don’t yearn to be lucky, feel blessed!

Pagi sabtu ketika ingin menduduki exams dalam perjalanan muncul satu ayat di depan saya.”If you failed try my Jesus”.Saya terkejut berat….saya sebelumnya dalam kelemahan tubuh dan saya meminta bantuan doa teman-teman.Kemudian,saya kembali sihat dan dapat bergerak dengan baik.Saya tahu itu kerana anugerah Tuhan Pagi berikutnya seorang teman saya jatuh sakit dan tidak dapat duduki exams Tuhan mengingatkan saya dengan ayat yang muncul sebelumnya…saya tahu tanpa Tuhan sekuat manapun,sepandai manapun kita itu tidak berhasil…kita tetap perlu Dia.


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