Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace

We know nothing about God other than what He shows us about Himself. Only God can reveal God. What is absolutely vital is to know the form in which God has revealed Himself to us – as the God of deliverance, salvation and redemption. That is the supreme knowledge about God granted to us on earth. It is perhaps not all He is. He has glories that are veiled to us on earth. His greatness is infinite. What else He may be to others, celestial beings, we do not know. The intelligences of deep heaven, the burning spirits and great seraphic beings may know things about God that we do not. Yet we are permitted to know Him in a way perhaps no angelic beings would ever even understand. They have never fallen into the quagmire of sin, smelt its moral stench, been horrified by its clinging odor, and have therefore never known the joy of cleansing, the wonder and power of the blood of Christ rendering filthy garments glistening and pure. Heavenly inhabitants are only spectators of this miracle, which to us is an experience as wide as our lives and as deep as our heart. We know God by His amazing dealings with us. “Amazing Grace…” God bless you. REINHARD BONNKE


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