God’s Heart

Healing Fragmented Hearts


The Lord is creating our “identity” which is why we are going through what we are. The Lord is making His people into a sharp threshing instrument. Isaiah 41:15 states, “Behold, I will make you a new sharp threshing instrument having teeth: you shall thresh the mountains, and beat them small, and shall make the hills as chaff. “ The type of identity being forged in Christians will enable them to face their mountain and keep moving forward.

Yesaya 41:15-16

41:15 Sesungguhnya, Aku membuat engkau menjadi papan pengirik  yang tajam dan baru, dengan gigi dua jajar; engkau akan mengirik gunung-gunung dan menghancurkannya, dan bukit-bukitpun akan kaubuat seperti sekam.  41:16 Engkau akan menampi   mereka, lalu angin akan menerbangkan mereka, dan badai  akan menyerakkan mereka. Tetapi engkau ini akan bersorak-sorak  di dalam TUHAN dan bermegah  di dalam Yang Mahakudus, Allah Israel.

The Church has pressed down the emotional release of God’s people to where it is hard for them to feel God’s heart. We are not talking about emotional immaturity, but the expression of God’s heart in love that minister to the heart of others. To know the Word of God is to hear His heart that expresses His thoughts, feelings and purpose. (Our relationship with God is a “heart to heart” connection where life flows)

Truth that arises from the heart of the Father has the power to enlighten the eyes our heart with His understanding. When we speak His truth with His heart, it has the power to transform lives by the power of His love. It is this truth sets the captives free. It is the prophetic Word from the heart of God that will shift people and release them into their true identity that will bring healing and restoration.

In order to release the emotional aspect of God in our midst, the truth that arises from the heart of God with the power that works by love, we must allow God to push up through the fragmentation of our hearts. This means that we have to be a healed people. We are now entering a healing season where we have not been before.


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