Crocodile Twins[signs of end times?]

Buaya Kembar Manusia

Bagi yang suka makan Species Reptiles ini mungkin berita yang agak tidak baik,kerana ternyata ada jiwa manusia dalam spesies tersebut.Beberapa hari yang lalu saya mendengar cerita dari sumber yang dipercayai seorang teman hamba Tuhan bahawa di kampungnya ada yang mempunyai kembar buaya.Ceritanya lebih kurang seperti yang diambil oleh Clara Summers.Saya berfikir bahawa itu cuma dongeng seperti dalam buku cerita.Namun,itu benar sebab sumber tersebut selalu pulang dan melawat keluarga berkenaan dan sangat kenal dengan mereka.Dia berkata,perkara tersebut sudah banyak terjadi.Bahkan,di Malaysia [Sabah]  terdapat satu kes seumpamaan ini.Saya “search”mencari di internet apakah benar-benar ada.Ternyata banyak sekali.Hamba Tuhan itu bercerita dengan saya waktu ibu itu mengandung dia mendapat mimpi ada yang menyuruh dia mengambil kulit buaya di sungai.Dia mengambil kulit tersebut dan membungkusnya.Kemudian,kulit itu bertukar menjadi emas.Emas itu dijual sedikit demi sedikit.CERITA INI MENGINGATKAN SAYA PADA KISAH “MUKENDI”DUKUN YANG DISUSUI OLEH DUYUNG DAN KEMUDIAN BERTOBAT.

Buaya Kembar Manusia2

Wanita Melahirkan Bayi Kembar Buaya


Buaya Kembaran Manusia, Kisah Nyata

Kesaksian – Mukendi, Mantan Dukun Terkenal di Afrika

Kesaksian Mukendi: Direbut Dari Cengkraman Iblis

Amazing Testimony of Mukendi: Series One

I Was Breastfed by a Mermaid

Amazing Testimony of Mukendi: Series One One

I was not the first born of my parents, but my father, a sorcerer and a witchdoctor, had had 13 other children, and he sacrificed them all, one by one, to the devil. When I was born mysteriously, it was not my mother who brought me up, for she was not allowed any access to me; I was breastfed and brought up by a mermaid.

            In fact my conception and birth were through magic, and my Aunt Ndaya had helped my father in this. My mother had had difficulty in conceiving until my Aunt met with someone who had obtained magical flowers from a white man who brought them from Mount Calvary in Israel. He gave them to my father with a doll, a cross, and a long chaplet with instructions on how to speak to those flowers when he needed help, and that is how I was conceived.

            Those magic items enabled my father to get connection with the mermaid who was to breastfed and bring me up in the first few years of my life.

            With those items, my father could perform great magical tricks. He could sever his arm from the rest of the body, and it would bleed, but he could easily put it back again. He could also drop himself on a pavement, divide himself into small parts, and reform his body again. He could become a goat with a human head, and walk on a bicycle, and so on.

            I also remember one incident when we were crossing a river by boat from Kolwezi to Mbujimaji. My elder brother was carrying me, when suddenly he fell into the river and drowned, but I found myself by strange powers safely landing in my father’s hands.

A Ghost Designed my Name

            When my mother was expecting me, an uncle of mine who had died sometime back reappeared in my parent’s bedroom at night, and threatened them to give me his name or else he would show them his powers. My parents being tied up with that type of life never even questioned the authenticity of the one coming from the dead, but agreed to carry out his instructions. They were in trance, but the presence, and the voice was so real and both my parents witnessed it. My father told me that particular uncle was a great sorcerer. They were so frightened of his presence in the room that they had to obey him without question. It meant of course that by obliging that man’s spirit to dominate my entire life, hence determining what sort of person I became. I inherited his nature and personality. Brethren whoever you are as you read this book know that if your parents performed special rituals over your life when you were young, you were handed over to Satan and your only deliverance is through the Blood of Jesus Christ.

            By the time I was an adolescent, I could fly abroad to any country where Lucifer commissioned me. I could make a helicopter out of a stick or my shoe and fly off to India, America and back home. I could also change into a fly and take a ride on someone’s shoulders. The man would carry me for some distance, only for me to drop and walk in front of him without his knowledge. The following day, the person would feel sick and listless with pain in his shoulders because of my actual body weight on him.

            I could also enter any house day or night and spy on people’s activities as I chose. I knew every open bedroom in homes. I could turn myself into a cockroach and rest near the fire place. I could turn a man into a goat for slaughter and eat him with a clear conscience. I was also skilled in using someone’s spirit when they were asleep to ride on as a horse all night long. By the time the man got up in the morning, he would feel pain all over the body because he acted as buffer or human shield for all the arrows aimed at me in the spirit world. This was particularly so if he was physically strong in the physical world. Even in the spirit world, he would appear strong and masculine. The victim would either fall sick or even die. The Lord Jesus Christ has saved me, and I wish to let you know how deep I had gone with satan, as a lesson to deter others from falling into the same pit, and to show you Jesus is the only “Way, the Truth and the Life.”

            I know there are many who are involved in witchcraft. If you are involved in any of the things that I will mention, repent and open your heart and ask the Lord Jesus Christ to save your soul.


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